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2 Day Diplomas

Our 2.5 day courses are all fully accredited, certified and insurable. Designed to get you COMPLETLY QUALIFIED IN THE SUBJECT not offering 1 or 2 services but as many as three in some subjects including brow treatments, nail services or lash styles will be covered in these diplomas AND they come with large kits too!! Extremely hands on both practically and theoretically. We will teach you the fundamentals and advanced levels of whichever course you book on. We guarantee confidence once you leave. All 2.5 day courses include all materials on the day, manuals, assesments, vat, full product list, KITS!!! and an accredited and certified certificate. Your clients will know once you are qualified to oujr diploma level that you have been trained and passed to a high standard of understanding both your your skillset and knowledge.

From: £599